The 11th 100 Artists Exhibition(OUCHI GALLERY – Brooklyn, NY, US)


Theme: “HOME”
The 100 Artists Exhibition shows the artwork of 100 artists from around the world. The theme for the last 100 Artists Exhibition at Ouchi Gallery is “HOME” to celebrate the meaning of “Ouchi” (which means “home” in Japanese) as we reach the 10th year. We are looking for artwork that conveys what “HOME” means to you. This exhibition gives artists the opportunity to share their work, opinions, and ideas with people from various backgrounds. The 100 Artists Exhibitions is an event that is loved in the Brooklyn area due to the participants and the attendees that are rich in diversity.
Ouchi Gallery has played an active role in helping young artists exhibit their work to further their artistic careers. The 100 Artists Exhibition is created by the artists in a city that has a flourishing art scene. We hope to help artists reach their goals on an international level, starting with group exhibitions such as this. Sharing between amateur and professional artists within the diverse culture makes this exhibition possible – something that would not be possible by oneself.