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Masako Masukata was born in Toyama Prefecture. Her study of glass molding techniques at Tama Art University in Tokyo helped her to develop her signature style of combining plaster with glass: by embedding the glass into the plaster, she creates minimalist works that draw attention to the sheen, shape, and texture of each medium.

Following solo and group exhibitions in 2006, Masako took a five-year hiatus before beginning to create again. Nature, sky, and city—among her favorite motifs—make frequent appearances in this new work, but rather than attempt to map the circumstances of her daily life, these pieces confront an altogether different landscape and atmosphere by reaching out into the mayhem of the world. These days, when simply being alive can feel claustrophobic, “truth” has begun to lose its meaning. Nevertheless, Masako continues to seek out truth and question what it means. These questions are what gives her work its shape.

In addition to glass, Masako employs ink, India ink, and wire to give her work shadow and establish her particular world view. Consistently, her work offers us an incomplete and abstract vision of the inner landscape of her mind, of the transience of life and nature, and of the uncertainties of modern society itself, while also serving as a multifaceted glimpse of how things look once liberated from our familiar system of values.


  • Education

2002       多摩美術大学美術学部工芸学科ガラス専攻卒業 < BA, Department of crafts glass course, Tama Art University, Tokyo Japan>

  • Solo Exhibition

2021       升方允子 個展 -斜光-   ギャラリーゴトウ 2nd room, 銀座, 東京

2020    Gallery Pepin 5th Anniversary 升方允子 個展 -air- つきのみちくさ, 浦和, 埼玉

2019       Masako Masukata Nicole Longnecker Gallery, Houston, TX, US

2006    「Monsoon モンスーン」 青樺画廊, 銀座, 東京

2003    「Nests 巣 2002 – 2003 」 青樺画廊, 銀座, 東京

  • Selected Group Exhibition

2022   都市農地の可能性を探る ART in FARM 2022, 井上葡萄園, 立川, 東京

2018 川辺彩乃・升方允子二人展, ART FOR THOUGHT GALLERY, 銀座, 東京

            JCAT Exhibition Summer 2018 “WE”, PLEIADES GALLERY, Chelsea, NY, US

2017    わたなべ けい・升方允子二人展,ART FOR THOUGHT GALLERY, 銀座, 東京

2016    New Year Selection 2016 ,GALLERY ART POINT, 銀座, 東京

              女性作家4人展 縁涼み,ART FOR THOUGHT GALLERY, 銀座, 東京

              LIFE; Japanese contemporary arts & crafts, NOHO M55 Gallery, Chelsea, NY, US

              Art of Giving 展, MDP GALLERY, 中目黒, 東京

2015     Four Mixed Media 2015, GALLERY ART POINT, 銀座, 東京

    Suwon Hotel Art Fair, Hotel Novotel Ambassador Suwon, Suwon, Korea

2014    New Year Selection 2014, GALLERY ART POINT, 銀座, 東京

2012    Abstraction -現代抽象作家 8人展-, GALLERY ART POINT, 銀座, 東京

             Contemporary abstract artists [よ・み・と・く], The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, 四谷, 東京

2006    glass color, Promo-arte Gallery, 青山, 東京

2004    涼を誘う アート&クラフト, 城端織館, 富山 城端町

              かたち展, ハーフムーン, 富山 朝日町

2003    風のクラフト展, ギャラリー翠華堂, 富山 八尾

             かたち展, ハーフムーン, 富山 朝日町

2002    多摩美術大学工芸学科卒業制作展 [陶, ガラス, 金属]  スパイラルガーデン, 青山, 東京

              DISCOVERY 2002, KEY Gallery, 銀座, 東京

  • Teaching

2021 / 2022 女子美術大学「国際芸術演習」(宮本由紀先生クラス)ゲスト講師を務めました。