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I work with plaster and glass. This is based on my experience and visual sense through learning glasswork techniques. Plaster and glass have a close relationship while casting in kilns. We use glass as a material for art, and plaster as a mold for casting. However, one day, I suddenly realized the beauty in the fragility of plaster and the mystical strength of glass when I saw at the combination of both materials after coming out from the kiln. I have repeatedly asked myself why I found the beauty in the condition of two materials.It is important for me to express fragility and incomplete shapes in my work. I also believe nature and life are fragile and strong.
I was born and grew up at Toyama Prefecture which has a rich natural environment. But, when I was twelve, I had to leave there. From that experience, my hometown became an existence having me interested in the forms of nature and inner human body, and getting inspiration from. About choosing materials, I have been adding other materials such as ink, Japanese sumi ink, or wire than plaster and glass. This is the result of my persuasion of discovering phenomenon and seeking effects of shades from each material. For example, there are mixtures of plaster and sumi ink, and rough or smooth surface of plaster. By dropping the shade of steel wire on plaster, these materials can add the synergistic effect which cannot be done only with plaster and glass. I have been and would be making sculptures and wall sculptures consisting minimal impressions and monotone colors such as black and white in purpose of communicating the original colors and the impressions with viewers.